Contoh Soal Simple Present Tense dan Jawabannya

Mari kita lanjutkan pembahasan materi tentang simple present tense. Kali ini akan difokuskan pada contoh soal dan jawaban dari soal-soal tersebut.  Anda harus memahami tentang simple present tense terlebih dahulu agar bisa mengerjakan soal di bawah ini.

Jika anda belum memahami simple present tense, baca dulu artikel: Pengertian, Rumus Simple Present Tense dan Contoh Soalnya.
Usahakan agar anda tidak melihat kunci jawabannya terlebih dahulu. Kerjakan pada kertas kosong, kemudian koreksi dengan kunci jawabannya.

Contoh Soal dan Jawaban Simple Present Tense

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal rumus simple present tense dan jawabannya:

  1. He ___ two languages.
    a. speak
    b. speaks
  2. Rudiyanto is a teacher. He ___ English.
    a. teach
    b. teaches
  3. When the kettle ___, will you make some tea?
    a. boil
    b. boils
  4. I always ___ the window at night because it is cold.
    a. close
    b. closes
  5. Those shoes ___ too much.
    a. cost
    b. costs
  6. The food in America is expensive. It ___ a lot to live there.
    a. cost
    b. costs
  7. His job is great because he ___ a lot of people.
    a. meet
    b. meets
  8. Anton always ___ his car on Sundays.
    a. wash
    b. washes
  9. My watch is broken and it ___ to be fixed again.
    a. need
    b. needs
  10. I ___ to watch movies.
    a. love
    b. loves
  11. I ___ to the cinema at least once a week.
    a. go
    b. goes
  12. They never ___ tea in the morning.
    a. drink
    b. drinks
  13. We both ___ to the radio in the morning.
    a. listen
    b. listens
  14. He ___ a big wedding.
    a. want
    b. wants
  15. Ikhwan ___ too much so he’s getting fat.
    a. eat
    b. eats
  16. The earth ___ round the sun, doesn’t it?
    a. go
    b. goes
  17. The shops in England ___ at 10:00 in the morning.
    a. open
    b. opens
  18. The post office ___ at 4:00 pm.
    a. close
    b. closes
  19. Amanda ___ two children now.
    a. has
    b. have
  20. Budiman ___ too much. He always has a cigarette in his mouth.
    a. smoke
    b. smokes
  21. When the phone ___, please answer it.
    a. ring
    b. rings
  22. ___ I write a letter?
    a. Does
    b. Do
  23. ___ sun rise in east?
    a. Does
    b. Do
  24. When the phone ___, please answer it.
    a. ring
    b. rings
  25. Birds ___ chirp.
    a. Does not
    b. Do not
  26. ___ birds chirp?
    a. Does
    b. Do
  27. His mother ___ tommorow.
    a. arrive
    b. arrives
  28. She ___ english.
    a. understands
    b. understand
  29. They ___ to school every morning.
    a. goes
    b. go
  30. Our holiday ___ on the 21st August.
    a. starts
    b. start


Jika anda sudah menguasai materi simple present tense, selanjutnya baca: Pengertian, Rumus Present Continous Tense dan Contoh.

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